St Theresa School, Blithoven

Tried and tested in American markets, new TanaShades brings the choice of 5 contemporary colour options for TANALITH preservative treated cladding, fencing and landscaping timbers.

A choice of black, brown, mahogany, silver or grey pigmented coating is first applied to cladding or garden timbers prior to the usual TANALITH high pressure treatment.

The resulting TanaShades treated timbers have all the protection properties of TANALITH treated timbers but with a superior colour performance that will last between 2-5 years.*

Timbers coated with differing TanaShades colour product can all be treated within a single TANALITH treatment charge.

Ask your TANALISED timber supplier for more details. 


*Colour performance is a subjective matter and depends on individual circumstances. Like all colour systems the colour will lighten with age and exposure to the elements. However the effect will be gradual and consistent on similar exposed surfaces. Please note that south facing elevations may lighten quicker that north facing due to greater UV exposure.