What is next generation TANALISED timber?

It is timber that has been pressure impregnated with our very latest TANALITH E 8000 wood preservative, designed to support the use of home grown timber species. Next generation TANALISED timber has the ultimate long term protection against wood decay and insect attack, wherever the timber is to be used.

TANALITH E wood preservative, a unique combination of copper and organic biocide ingredients, now has over 20 years of proven performance around the world in providing the very best protection for timber. Its unique formulation has been extensively tested in the field and proven in practice. TANALITH E 8000 comes with all the benefits and backbone of our tried and tested product but now with added BARamine technology.

This new and unique technology, with patents pending, gives an even wider, more robust and durable protection against wood decay as well as a deeper and more effective penetration into the timber. To find out more about BARamine technology click here.

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