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Our Cookie Policy

What are cookies?
A cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie, or browser cookie, is a piece of data stored by a website on a user’s computer by a browser, and then subsequently sent back to the same website by the browser.
Why does our website make use of them?
Cookies fulfil different roles within our website. Some are required for site functionality, some allow us to analyse how our site is used and some are from third parties (i.e. Google Maps).

Cookies make browsing websites more efficient, give the opportunity for advanced functionality and also allow our website team to analyse how the site is used (through the use of Google Analytics for example).
Why do we collect data on how visitors use our site?
Firstly, it’s important to note that we do not collect any data that can identify a unique user or collate any contact data on an individual (unless, of course, you volunteer such information via an enquiry form or newsletter sign-up).
We use Google Analytics to track how anonymous users make use of our site. The data we receive allows us to ensure our site remains easy to use, fully functional and gives users, such as yourself, the best possible experience.
Why do we need to outline our cookies and their use?
The ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) and UK Government are now enforcing the E-Privacy Directive. The E-Privacy Directive is an EU based directive aimed at privacy protection in a digital environment.
The directive’s aim is to inform and educate web users on what cookies are, which cookies the websites they visit use and what they are for. The premise behind the directive is that users will have more control over their online privacy and gain a greater understanding of any information collected by the website they visit.
What cookies we use?
As noted earlier, our cookies fall into three categories.  Those that are required for website functionality, those that allow us to collate and analyse site usage statistics and those that are used by third parties (such as Google Maps).
Below is a list of the cookies we use. Some of the functionality based cookies have already been used to ensure you are able to use our site and read this page. If you would like to remove our cookies from your computer, please visit this website for a guide on how to do so.
Owner/Domain Cookie Name Expires After Description CMSPreferredCulture 316 days This is a cookie determines your location and language choices ASP.NET_SessionId Less than one day This is a functionally required cookie that sets unique ID for your visit and expires when you leave the site
Google Analytics __utma 730 days A cookie which sets a unique ID per visit
Google Analytics __utmb Less than one day A session cookie set by Google Analytics to determine new visits
Google Analytics __utmc Date not set A session cookie set by Google Analytics to determine new visits
Google Analytics __utmz 182 days A cookie which informs Google Analytics which traffic source the visit came from
Google SID 3649 days A session cookie set by Google Maps
Google HSID 3649 days A session cookie set by Google Maps
Google PREF 729 days Google associated account preference settings
Google NID 182 days A unique identifier used by Google
YouTube VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE 182 days A unique identifier used by YouTube
ShareThis _stid / _uset 1 year Cookies used by the thirdparty system, Share This, they allow you to share our content amongst a number of social networks
What if you don’t want to allow the use of cookies from our website?
As noted earlier, you can clear the cookies on your browser by following instructions found here. You can also block cookies from our website, or any other site you visit, using your browser settings.
Unfortunately, if you chose to take this approach you will no longer be able to view our website as a number of the cookies listed above are critical to the website’s use.
Further information
If you would like more information on cookies and the ICO’s directive, please visit the ICO website
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