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Launched in Spring 2021, TANALITH LIFESTYLE colours are designed for use with TANALITH high pressure treatments when treating pine.
The new TANALITH LIFESTYLE products are high performance colourant blends, specially developed to give longer colour life when used with our TANALITH preservative - up to 2 years depending on location and exposure to UV light - as well as an even colour strike and distribution.


LIFESTYLE Colour Choices

Currently TANALITH LIFESTYLE colours are available in two shades of brown and a single shade of grey. All colourants are supplied as easy to use concentrate products which are diluted down into the ready to use TANALITH solution to give impressive results in a single treatment on both planed and rough sawn timber surfaces. The colours can be diluted down within an economical but effective range to achieve an impressive array of final colours in the timber to suit each customer’s particular expectations.

The images of treated cladding shown above are for illustrative purposes only.

The colour intensity of the tanalised timber will depend upon the concentration of the TANALITH LIFESTYLE colour additive solution used. Colour performance is a subjective matter and depends on individual circumstances. Like all colour systems the colour technologies. TANALITH LIFESTYLE colours will lighten with age and exposure to the elements. However, the effect will be gradual and consistent on similar exposed surfaces. Please note that south facing elevations may lighten quicker than north facing due to greater ultra violet light exposure.

To find out more, speak with your dedicated Sales Manager. If you are not an existing customer but would like to speak with us about the TANALITH LIFESTYLE range, email: timberprotectionadvice.ukca@lonza.com

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