St Theresa School, Blithoven
Award for BARamine technology
- 05 May 2015
Developed by Arch Timber Protection as a new technology to add to TANALITH wood preservative, BARamine has recently won the prestigious CEO award for innovation within its parent company Lonza.
Dr Tony Kelly, business director of Arch explained, ‘TANALITH E is a unique modern copper co-biocide wood preservative. It has now been around for over 20 years providing our customers with a tried, tested and real world protection for construction and outdoor timbers.’
‘However we are always looking to bring more to our products and provide extra confidence to our markets. In creating our next generation TANALITH product we have not changed the successful core ingredients of the preservative but we have developed our new BARamine application technology to work alongside the proven characteristics of TANALITH. The combination of TANALITH and BARamine work in perfect harmony to give an enhanced and robust ‘belt and braces’ protection result. Our next generation TANALITH has also recently become the first copper based wood preservative to gain authorisation under the new Biocidal Products Regulation – another first for the TANALITH brand.’
‘Although the BARamine award is from within the Lonza group, it is still a prestigious recognition. Lonza is a worldwide chemical business constantly innovating in all kinds of life science markets. BARamine was up against tough competition including pharmaceutical technologies with much larger development budgets. We are delighted Richard Ridinger and his Lonza team recognised our innovation skills and the potential for BARamine technologies moving forward’.
Andy Hodge, marketing director for Arch explained the principle of BARamine, ‘In real world environments copper remains the ‘work horse’ component in any preservative technology. However the innovative BARamine technologies help provide a real step change.  BARamine is a proprietary and patented technology for Arch. It is a blend of several components that work together to offer increased protection against certain emerging copper tolerant fungi that can attack timbers, particularly at ground contact level. BARamine also improves preservative penetration and distribution into the timbers and provides a solution management system that ensures the preservative actives are balanced correctly every time you treat timber.’
The BARamine project is lead by Dr Andrew Hughes who is head of technology at Arch’s European, Middle East and African business. Andrew commented ‘BARamine adopts innovative technologies that boost and stabilise the core TANALITH preservative. It contains non- traditional ingredients some of which have never been used in the wood protection industry before and will continue to be applied in a range of Arch products over the next few years. BARamine is a truly global project and is being used to improve wood preservation across the world.’