St Theresa School, Blithoven
BALCAS install Excalibur
- 02 April 2014
BALCAS, an approved Lonza TREAT-RIGHT customer who have been using TANALITH wood preservatives successfully for over 50 years, is the latest company and the first in Ireland to install the high intensity EXCALIBUR incising machine as part of their production for Use Class 4 (UC4) sawn posts and garden sleepers. EXCALIBUR has been integrated into a Weinig automated handing line, comprising of a tilt hoist in-feed and stacking line with strapping. The incising line is also equipped with re-sawing and cross-cutting.
BALCAS will be offering incised and treated Spruce fence posts and sleepers as an extended product choice alongside their traditional proven fence post and landscaping timber options.
The EXCALIBUR incising system, used in conjunction with the lates TANALITH wood preservative, have been independently assessed and approved by the Building Research Establishment (BRE).