St Theresa School, Blithoven
EXCALIBUR R recognised in the TTJ Awards
- 17 September 2015

Developed by Arch’s engineering partners, Tweddle Engineering, EXCALIBUR R delivers an impressive and consistent surface incision to the timbers which allows an even greater penetration and distribution into home grown Use Class 4 timbers.
Derek Tweddle of Tweddle Engineering explains the creative and challenging development of EXCALIBUR R. ‘Just by the very nature of their shape, incising of machined timber rounds has always been a more difficult proposition in terms of achieving a consistent and appropriate result. Arch has helped us to identify the key requirements of their customers and we believe the new EXCALIBUR R technology provides a robust, cost effective and intelligent solution for the market.’
‘It is fantastic to be shortlisted for the Innovation award at TTJ. However the real success is the number of EXCALIBUR machines, both for round and square sawn timbers, that are now out in the market or on order for our customers.’