St Theresa School, Blithoven
Castleford, UK - 03 April 2013
Following the successful introduction of its next generation TANALITH E 8000 wood preservative into its UK and Ireland treatment customers, Lonza Wood Protection is offering a new TREAT-RIGHT performance warranty scheme on the Use Class 3 & 4 treated timbers they produce.

John Abbott, Lonza UK and Ireland sales manager explained the move. ‘In terms of achieving the very best performance treated timbers for both in and out of ground contact applications we have always maintained that a quality preservative product has to be used correctly within a quality treatment application process.’

‘TANALITH E now has over 20 years of proven commercial use around the world. We have always had real confidence in its performance credentials, particularly in ground contact applications, where we have consistently looked beyond the minimum performance criteria of 5 year field trial data and have comprehensive field trial results greater than 10 years from multiple test sites around the world.’

‘New TANALITH E 8000 has all the robust features of the original product together with the unique and patent pending BARamine technology to provide even better protection. A carefully balanced and researched blend of several components, BARamine delivers an enhanced and more robust protection of treated timber against wood decay organisms, particularly certain copper tolerant species. In addition, TANALITH E 8000 also delivers improved penetration and distribution characteristics in the treated timber.’

‘It is this comprehensive package of a unique preservative product and robust field data that gives us the confidence to bring this new warranty to the market. Along with recent developments on incising of timbers and clear guidance to our customers on penetration and retention treatment levels relative to different species, we feel the new TREAT-RIGHT warranty scheme will give our markets renewed confidence in treated fencing and landscaping timbers.’
‘Over the next month or so we will be introducing the new warranty scheme to our TANALITH E 8000 treatment customers and helping them market the benefits of the next generation TANALISED timber they are producing.’

For further information, please call +44 (0) 1977 714100.