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Proven Performance for TANALITH E in FCBA Tests
Castleford, UK - 17 June 2013
The FCBA, one of the leading certification organisations in Europe involved in wood treatment technologies, has recently announced the update to its CTB P+ scheme for the French market.

These updates are in part due to the availability of 5 year field trial data from its own severe test sites. The main changes have been in the Use Class 4 SP category which has a more rigorous performance requirement than the standard Use Class 4 ground contact timber category.

The FCBA has officially reduced the preservative retention requirements for this category (UC4 SP) by some 12% for various TANALITH E wood preservative formulations from Lonza Wood Protection. TANALITH E was the only product from the tests to have this significant reduction applied.

Tony Kelly, International Sales Director for Lonza Wood Protection commented, ‘This is a significant confirmation of the performance attributes of TANALITH E wood preservative. We have always been confident that the unique formulation product we developed, that has now over 20 years of tried, tested and proven performance around the world, would provide the most effective long term protection against decay organisms, particularly in ground contact applications. These results confirm that confidence to Lonza and all our TANALITH E customers around the world.’

‘What is also significant from the tests is that our new TANALITH E product formulations, which now also incorporate our patent pending BARamine application technologies, have all been approved at a reduced Use Class 4 SP category retentions.’

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