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The Changeover Begins
Castleford, UK - 18 July 2012

Two of the first product conversions to TANALITH E 8000 were at Charles Ransford & Son and Robertson Timber Ltd.

Ransfords has bulk storage facilities for their TANALITH E preservative and the simple swap was made by road tanker in the first week of July. David White of Ransfords commented ‘The change over from our existing TANALITH E to the new 8000 product could not have been simpler. We managed our stocks to allow for our first bulk delivery and we are now already treating with little change to our operating procedures.’

‘The new formulation with added BARamine™ technology is really exciting for Ransfords. A key market for us is the supply of motorway fencing timbers to the Highways Agency’s exacting standards. The wider and more robust protection and the deeper penetration achieved with TANALITH E 8000 will give ourselves and our customers even greater confidence’.

Robertson Timber is a new customer to Lonza and will take delivery of TANALITH E 8000 by IBC. Their business is focused on the supply of quality timbers all around Scotland and into the border regions and they have made the change to TANALITH E because of concerns throughout the fencing industry in terms of treated timber performance in ground contact end uses. Colin Robertson explained ‘We first started treating our own timbers in 1985 and since then we have completed over 40,000 charges – the equivalent of supplying 46 million fence stakes. We have always looked to supply a quality treated product to our customers but with our previous preservative product we were experiencing a few failures from our agricultural posts, even though the penetration of the preservative into our dried pine posts was the best we could achieve.’

‘We looked at the unique formulation of TANALITH E and the proven long term performance it has delivered for its users. The introduction of the new TANALITH E 8000 formulation will be an added bonus to us and our customers, particularly in terms of the enhanced protection against certain copper tolerant brown rots’.
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