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What is BARamine Technology?

Innovation has always been a cornerstone of what we do as a business, helping our customers to produce high quality and market focused treated timbers.

Our BARamine technology is a culmination of several years of research and development work bringing a highly synergistic combination of specialty ingredients to further boost the performance of TANALITH wood preservative, making sure it remains the very best choice for protecting construction, fencing and landscaping timbers.

It is a blend of several components that work together to offer increased protection against certain emerging copper tolerant fungi that can attack timbers, particularly at ground contact level. BARamine also improves preservative penetration and distribution into the timbers and provides a solution management system that ensures the preservative actives are balanced correctly every time you treat timber.

BARamine adopts innovative technologies that boost and stabilise the core TANALITH preservative. It contains non-traditional ingredients some of which have never been used in the wood protection industry before.

In combination with TANALITH preservative, BARamine helps provide a real 'belt and braces' timber protection that will give treated timber markets real confidence.

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